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Sacred Partners

Jan 23, 2021

Simon Hall and I talk about his journey to healing the inner boy, so the man can stand firmly rooted in values and principles that make for a well rounded, grounded, life. We talk about the many internal obstacles he got to acknowledge, overcome and grow into throughout his life! In this podcast interview we...

Jan 23, 2021

Michelle Alva, tantric & pelvic floor practitioner and I go all in on this conversation about what it means to live a tantric life and how you can become more embodied too, especially in your relationship. It's a juicy one so enjoy! In this podcast, we discuss:

*What is Tantra?

*How to Live a Tantric Lifestyle?


Jan 23, 2021

Dr. Diane and I discuss the attachment theory and emotional security in relationships and what to look out for in terms of creating a more secure bond in your relationship. In this podcast we discuss: 

*Attachment Theory 

*Secure, Anxious & Insecure Bonds

*Tips for how to Overcome 

*Couples Growth Tips and More


Jan 23, 2021

In this solo podcast, I talks about trauma, triggers & how the unresolved self can cast unfair projections in relationships subconsciously. I discuss solutions on how to become mindful of your own triggers and manage them successfully interpersonally and in your relationship. 

*Trauma & Trigger Management...

Jan 23, 2021

Alina Grayson and I go deep into discussion about emotional triggers, subconscious reprogramming and how developing a mindset of emotional intelligence is key to overcoming stuck emotional patterns and ultimately, living a fully expressed life! 

*Subconscious Reprogramming 

*Trauma & Triggers

*Emotional Intelligence is...