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Sacred Partners

Oct 3, 2021

Dr. Eva Brown interviews Dana Canetto about what it means to "Illuminate Your Path To Embodiment" on the healing journey. 

This conversation is about: 

*Multi-Generational Inner Work

*Navigating Blocks Within

*Dance & Tools to Embody

*Illuminating & Vulnerable Shares 

*Begin to Walk The Path: Fully Expressed


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Bio: Dana Canneto is an embodiment coach, spiritual mentor and intuitive guide for women on their path of awakening. Her work is driven by her belief that beauty is the gateway to all healing
and that the body is the access point to one’s own feminine power, freedom and joy. She works with women who are ready to let go of the constructs of society and familial systems, embody their light, reclaim their feminine power and embrace their truth and beauty. Through their work together, her aim is to guide them from suffering to sovereignty, confusion to clarity,
worthlessness to worthiness, and broken to beautiful, so they can feel alive and free to walk their divine path. Her work consists of a combination of modalities such as somatic facilitation, spiritual mentoring, energy healing, coaching, intuitive guidance, shamanic practices, drumming, and dance but above all else, her key ingredient is her ability to hold sacred safe space, so you feel seen
heard and validated, and most known by her clients for her loving, down-to-earth, non-judgmental approach with an undying knack for beauty and transformation.

Certified Holistic Health Coach Certified Reiki Practitioner II Certified Divine Living (Life) Coach Ongoing student and Completion of several courses in Spirituality, Empath Mastery, Trauma Based Somatic Studies, Energy Medicine, Shamanism, as well as undergoing a certification as a Sacred Depths Coach/Practitioner, and many life experiences that made me do the work I do today which is really the basis of my schooling and knowledge.


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