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Sacred Partners

Nov 16, 2022

Dr. Eva Brown and her incredible private client (anonymous) discuss her personal story of what has made her who she is today and the process of her healing multi-generational trauma. This is a deep conversation about uncovering deeply embeded subconscious trances that no longer serve the same purpose of "protection" and "survival" as they once did. We also dicuss the pattern of attracting emotionally unavailable men and how to overcome this cycle.

*1st in your Family to do Deep Trauma Healing 

*Understanding Relational Trauma

* How To Relate & Call In Healthy Emotionally Available Partners 

*Subconscious Reprogramming & Trance Awareness

*Distancing Patterns with Receiving Love

*Multi-generational Emotional Awareness


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Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational & informational purposes only and is not meant to replace a mental, medical or financial professional.