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Sacred Partners

Feb 13, 2021

In this 3 Part Series, Tara Grace shares her many years of experience as she teaches on the 3 feminine archetypes and what it means to live as a fully embodied woman. In Part 1 of 3, Tara shares her experience of ushering in the Priestess Archetype: 

*The Priestess 

*Listening To Your Intuition

*Financial Freedom is a Mindset

*Fully Embodied Womanhood

*Life Lessons, Up & Downs

*Growth & Evolution

*Alignment with an Abundant Self

*Business & Money 


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Tara Grace is a Spiritual Pioneer in the entrepreneurial movement with over 15 years of bringing healing and empowerment through speaking, coaching, and expert facilitation in the lives of thousands. As a Wealth Embodiment & Leadership Expert, she guides others into their Sacred Financial Destinies and Legacies of Love. Tara Grace is an expert in lifestyle transformation, spiritual laws of success, premium business models, and the feminine frequency of money and leadership. As a result of her mentorship, her clients regularly generate 5-figure months and 6-7 figure years fulfilling their purpose and doing meaningful, deeply transformational work in the world. To learn more, friend her  on Facebook and sign up for her free gift on her website at

Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational & informational purposes only and is not meant to replace a mental, medical or financial professional.